Ayenbite of Inwit

Ayenbite of Inwit (Remorse of Conscience)

Middle English version of medieval moral treatise, c. 1340. [Br. Lit.: Barnhart, 74]
See: Remorse
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The Ayenbite of Inwit, Book of Vices and Virtues, and the Speculum vitae, all connect wrath with illness, spiritual atrophy, and the reduction of reason.
In the Kentish Ayenbite of Inwit (1340) Michael Northgate translated the word ire as "hatred." Northgate's translation indicates that internalized hatred produces inner torment, which leads to spiritual and physical emaciation and possibly suicide.
A similar passage in the Ayenbite of Inwit, which quotes the same biblical text, makes it clear that 'largenesse' and 'larges' could be synonymous, as they often are (see Kuhn, Middle English Dictionary, where both 'larges' and 'largeness' are defined as 'liberality ...