Ayrshire cattle

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Ayrshire cattle

(r`shēr, –shər), breed of dairy cattle originated in Scotland in the late 18th cent.; introduced into the United States in 1837. They are medium-sized and white mixed with red or brown in color. Ayrshires are excellent grazers and good, consistent milk producers. Ayrshires were formerly used as dual-purpose dairy and meat producers. Their importance as a breed has declined, especially in favor of the Holstein Friesian, but Ayrshires remain popular in North America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Europe and South America.

Ayrshire Cattle


a dairy breed developed in the 18th century within the County of Ayr (Ayrshire), Scotland, by improving the indigenous stock through crossing with the Dutch Holstein and Shorthorn breeds. The animals are short and well formed, with strong frames and deep broad chests. They are spotted red in color. The bulls weigh between 650 and 750 kg, the cows between 450 and 500 kg. Milk yields are between 3,500 and 4,000 kg, with records of more than 10,000 kg. The milk fat content is around 4 percent. Ayrshire cattle are widely found in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Finland. They began to be imported into Russia in the 19th century but were not widely found. They were imported into the USSR from Finland in the 1960’s. They are raised on a number of farms in Novgorod, Moscow, Leningrad, and Kursk oblasts, as well as the Karelian ASSR.


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So when we diagnosed a fine looking Ayrshire dairy cow Gloria with a 'twisted stomach', we knew what we had to do.
class="MsoNormal"Ayrshire dairy cows need intensive care and some beneficiaries could have failed to maintain the standards, leading to the death of the animals," Mr Okuom added.
This tool was used to shape the horns on cattle, specifically, Ayrshire dairy cows, in the days before de-horning or polled cattle were in vogue.
The next stop was to admire the herd of 180 Ayrshire dairy cows, which provide organic milk for
McLeod Farms and Creamery raise Ayrshire dairy cows, a Scottish breed that originated over 250 years ago.
She also claimed that Charles chooses Ayrshire dairy cows for his land rather than popular black and white Friesians partly because he does not want any more Friesians ``blotting the landscape''.
She also said Charles chooses Ayrshire dairy cows for his land rather than popular Friesians partly because he does not want any more Friesians "blotting the landscape".
Today Duchy Home Farm is a profitable operation producing organic wheat, rye and oats, and supporting a dairy herd of 130 Ayrshire dairy cows, Aberdeen Angus beef cattle and flocks of mule and Hebridean sheep - with 50 Large Black pigs about to arrive.