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breed of long-legged, swift houndhound,
classification used by breeders and kennel clubs to designate dogs bred to hunt animals. Most of the dogs in this group hunt by scent, their quarry ranging from such large game as bear or elk to small game and vermin; ground scenters trail slowly with the head low, and
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 from the SahelSahel
, name applied to the semiarid region of Africa between the Sahara to the north and the savannas to the south, extending from Senegal and Mauritania on the west, through Mali, N Burkina Faso, Niger, N Nigeria, and Chad, to Sudan and Eritrea on the east.
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 region of West Africa, particularly Burkino Faso, Mali, and Niger. Slim and elegant with a narrow, chiseled head, it stands from 23 to 29 in. (58–74 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 33–55 lb (15–25 kg). The short, fine, typically light to dark fawn coat may be brindled with black; there are often white markings on the chest, legs, and tail tip, and sometimes a black mask. The dog historically has served as a companion, guardian, and hunter for the TuaregsTuareg
or Touareg
, Berbers of the Sahara, numbering c.2 million. They have preserved their ancient alphabet, which is related to that used by ancient Libyans.
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 and other nomads of the Sahel and Sahara.
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