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, Azeri Azərbaycan, officially Republic of Azerbaijan, republic (2005 est. pop. 7,912,000), 33,428 sq mi (86,579 sq km), in Transcaucasia. Strategically situated at the gateway to SW Asia, Azerbaijan is bounded by Iran on the south, where the Aras (Araks)
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Azerbaidzhan was originally scheduled to depart San Francisco on 10 November, but that sailing was canceled, and it did not actually get under way until 14 November.
But what if Azerbaidzhan did not follow the new northerly route to Vladivostok at all?
On that day Uritskii and Clara Zetkin were in Astoria, Uzbekistan was most likely in Vladivostok or Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka, and Azerbaidzhan was entering the Sea of Okhotsk over a thousand miles from the Japanese fleet and moving in the opposite direction.
Surely the Japanese had been warned of this potential, and of Uzbekistan and Azerbaidzhan specifically.
Azerbaidzhan eventually made its way to New York, where it joined the Atlantic convoys on the infamous Kola Run.
Stinnett writes that both Uritskii and Azerbaidzhan were mentioned in a warning sent from Japan to the attack fleet.