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, Azeri Azərbaycan, officially Republic of Azerbaijan, republic (2015 est. pop. 9,617,000), 33,428 sq mi (86,579 sq km), in Transcaucasia. Strategically situated at the gateway to SW Asia, Azerbaijan is bounded by Iran on the south, where the Aras (Araks)
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Asi, utilizando lazos etnicos, culturales o religiosos, las republicas centroasiaticas son invitadas a participar en una variedad de esquemas y organizaciones extra o suprarregionales de orientacion islamica como la Organizacion de la Conferencia Islamica (asentada sobre la pertenencia a la Umma, o comunidad panislamica) o la Organizacion de Cooperacion Economica (que intenta coordinar las politicas economicas de las republicas centroasiaticas con las de sus vecinos de tradicion islamica mas proximos: Azerbaidzhan, Pakistan, Afganistan, Iran y Turquia) (30).
En la ultima reunion ministerial de esta Iniciativa participaron la UE, Armenia, Azerbaidzhan, Bielarus, Georgia, Kazajstan, Kirguistan, Moldova, Tadzhikistan, Turquia, Ucrania, Uzbekistan y Rusia como mera observadora (Vitale, 2007).
Building upon Agawa's original report, published in English in 1979, about an encounter on 5 December (Hawaii time), Gannon contends that the most likely candidates for an interception were the Soviet tanker Azerbaidzhan, as suggested by Stinnett, as well as the freighter Uzbekistan, a newcomer to the controversy.
Three Soviet ships have been suggested for a potential encounter with the lapanese: Uritskii, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaidzhan. The date of the encounter ranges from 1 December to 5 December.
Beria was very fortunate in that he caught the eye of several leading members of the Azerbaidzhan Communist Party in the early 1920s who were to become part of Stalin's inner circle.
Gasanly, Khrushchevskaia "ottepel'" i natsional 'nyi vopros v Azerbaidzhane (1954-1959) (Moscow: Flinta, 2009); El'dar Ismailov, Azerbaidzhan: 1953-1956 gg.
The report Conflict in the Soviet Union: Black January in Azerbaidzhan was cosponsored by the Helsinki Watch Committee and the Inter-Republic Memorial Society, a Soviet human rights organization for which Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov served as honorary co-chair until his death.