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(Dzh. Dzhabarly Azerbaijanfirm), movie studio organized in Baku in 1923, under the aegis of the Azerbaijan People’s Commissariat of Education. The studio has had various names: AFKU (Azerbaijan Department of Photo Cinematography, 1923–26), Azgoskino (Azerbaijan State Cinema, 1926–30), Azerkino (Azerbaijan Cinema, 1930–34), Azgoskinprom (Azerbaijan State Movie Productions, 1934), Azerfil’m (1935–39), Baku Movie Studio (1939–59), and its present name (since 1960).

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A creative room dedicated to the famous film director Huseyn Seyidzade, where he once worked, will open at Azerbaijanfilm Studio on August 2.
(6) The increase of the state all occasions for the cinema production, capital reconstruction of "Azerbaijanfilm" film studio, application of modern equipment covering all technological processes in this studio, capital repairs of "Nizami" cinema, and the becoming Cinema Center are the display of attention drawn to the cinematography.
An Araz Golden Gate production in association with Azimex Intl., Dhaka Intl., Azerbaijanfilm and Michael Litwak.
"The Steppe Man" was produced in 2012 at the Azerbaijanfilm studio by order of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
During the film shooting, fragments from "The Secret" film (Azerbaijanfilm studio, 2014) were used.
In the same year, he began to work as the animation director at the Azerbaijanfilm studio.
The6thBooktrailer Festival was held under the "Promote a book, get promoted with a book!"mottowith the support of the Azerbaijani Culture Ministry, the International Mugham Center, Azerbaijanfilm Studio and Azercell Telecom.
The festival is held under the motto "Kitab tandn, kitabla tannn!" (Promote a book, get promoted with a book!) with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan, the International Mugham Center, Azerbaijanfilm Studio and Azercell Telecom.
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