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(Dzh. Dzhabarly Azerbaijanfirm), movie studio organized in Baku in 1923, under the aegis of the Azerbaijan People’s Commissariat of Education. The studio has had various names: AFKU (Azerbaijan Department of Photo Cinematography, 1923–26), Azgoskino (Azerbaijan State Cinema, 1926–30), Azerkino (Azerbaijan Cinema, 1930–34), Azgoskinprom (Azerbaijan State Movie Productions, 1934), Azerfil’m (1935–39), Baku Movie Studio (1939–59), and its present name (since 1960).

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In 1922 the government of Azerbaijan decided to create the first cinema factory which became the forerunner of today's film studio Azerbaijanfilm.
Note that the film "Nabat", shot by the state order at the Azerbaijanfilm studio named after J.
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