Azizbekov, Shamil Abdulragim

Azizbekov, Shamil’ Abdulragim


Born Feb. 16, 1906. Soviet geologist, member of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR since 1945. Member of CPSU since 1942. Secretary academician of the Department of Earth Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR.

Azizbekov is one of the chief authors and editors of the summary geological, tectonic, and geomorphological atlases of Azerbaijan and of the book The Geology of Azerbaijan. Azizbekov has written studies on the geological and magmatic structure of the northeastern part of the Little Caucasus, located in the Nakhichevan’ ASSR, and of the Talyshskii mountains. He has been awarded orders and medals of the USSR.


“Magmatizm i metallogeniia Azerbaidzhana.” In Magmatizm i sviaz’ s nim poleznykh iskopaemykh. Moscow, 1960. (Coauthor.)