Béla Fogarasi

Fogarasi, Béla


Born July 25, 1891, in Budapest; died there Apr. 28, 1959. Hungarian Marxist philosopher.

Fogarasi was an important figure in the Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919. After its fall he emigrated to Germany and then to the USSR. He returned to Hungary in 1945, helped found the Academy of Sciences, and became its vice-president. He served as director of the academy’s Institute of Philosophy from 1957 to 1959 and was editor of the journal Hungarian Philosophical Review.

In his early works, Fogarasi maintained an idealist viewpoint, but he later adhered to dialectical materialism. His chief works dealt with the theory of knowledge.


Materializmus ésfizikai idealizmus. Budapest, 1952.
Tudomány és szocializmus. Budapest, 1956.
In Russian translation:
Germanskii fashizmvrag kul’tury. Moscow, 1942.
Logika. Moscow, 1959.