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a city in the Tatar ASSR, located at the confluence of the Bugul’minka and Zai rivers (Volga basin), with a railroad station on the Ul’ianovsk-Ufa line. Population, 76,000 (1969; 25,000 in 1939).

Bugul’ma is an important center of the petroleum-extraction industry of Tataria. There is a mechanized plant, the Nefteavtomatika Petroleum Automation Plant, a sanitary-engineering equipment plant, a prefabricated concrete plant, an electronic-equipment repair plant, a brickyard, and a furniture factory. The food-processing industry is also developed, with meat, dairy, and flour-milling combines, a brewery, and a distillery. Bugul’ma has a scientific research institute for petroleum, the Polytechnic Faculty of the Kazan Institute of Construction Engineering, a technicum for training industrial teachers, and a medical school. There is a museum of local lore and a museum dedicated to Jaroslav Hasek. Bugul’ma was founded in 1736 and became a town in 1781.

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