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Our B2E strategies have brought us great success," Westerdahl says.
Key KM Enabling Technologies B2E Enterprise Provides a single point of access to all Information Portal relevant information and applications, while also functioning as a gateway to communities of interest, best practice, etc.
Manufacturing also employs a wide range of occupations using B2E apps, including shipping/receiving workers, delivery drivers, management and supervisory personnel, sales, and installation and repair workers.
Included are B2E and B2C app customer and service revenue forecasts segmented for seven world regions and by device type as well as 2010 industry B2E app estimates.
Jose Garcia, president of B2E Mobile Financial Services, commented, "By joining forces with Performance Payroll, B2E is able to better address the payroll needs of employers that have a combination of banked and unbanked employees.
B2E arrives at the Walgreens Regional Distribution Center twice a month, cashing checks and providing mobile ATM and pay card services.
B2E, an alternative financial services company focused on mobility, has expanded its footprint by opening an office in Charlotte, NC.