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But Allen and Henry Bell, also a founder and co-owner of B2G Sports, said they were not involved in Harris' recruitment.
Iyad Moussa, Operations Director UAE -- TNT, said the number of cargo shipments cleared had doubled during the trial period, and the B2G channel would continue to provide value for their customers.
The effectiveness of both governments was blunted by B2G as it tried to ensure Iraq would have the kind of government that would make it an ideal ally of the U.
In an online discussion about B2G, Andreas Gal, one of its lead developers, said the ultimate goal was "breaking the stranglehold of proprietary technologies over the mobile devices world.
Musabih stressed that Dubai Customs launched the new initiative in cooperation with its key clients who have large number of daily customs transactions after conducting a survey to obtain their expectations about the benefits B2G would provide.
BWA Business Case for India Report: Analysis of Potential 4G Services and Revenue Upside" includes the potential BWA landscape of India along with analysis of various B2G, B2B & B2C services that can be enabled by the technology, revenue potential of each of the service, device readiness and price points, estimates of potential Capex investments for pan-India Greenfield network rollouts, breakeven periods and analysis of various Business and Go-To-Market strategy options for each of the BWA operators including RIL, Airtel, Aircel, Tikona, Qualcomm, etc.
The segment discussed how Hawk Electronics differs from normal resellers and agents by using their own billing platform and local call center (located just outside Fort Worth), providing customized billing applications for their largely consumer, B2B and B2G subscriber base.
Tenders are invited for A range of works on the construction of the FOL and installation of equipment for switching / connection objects B2B / B2G customers to the network of PJSC "Rostelecom" in the district.
The services will be provided for the B2B and B2G segments in the Urals.