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A mobile platform from Samsung that runs a proprietary OS based on the RTOS (RealTime OS) operating system. Meaning "ocean" in Korean, bada was introduced in 2009 with handsets available under its Wave brand in the following year. In 2013, Samsung announced that Bada would be merged into the Tizen open source project, and support was terminated by 2015 (see Tizen).



a mining area in northern Libya, in the Libyan Desert. The center of petroleum deposits discovered in 1959, it is exploited by a USA company. The oil is transported by pipelines to the Mediterranean ports of al-Sider and Ras al-Unuf, from where it is shipped out.

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Hennessy initiated this partnership with Hockman-Lewis following the retirement of Ron Pfafflin, who had represented the COATS, AMMCO and BADA brands throughout Southeast Asia for the last 10 years.
The all girls group theme called BADA BING-GIRLS is modeled after tough and sexy Italian Brooklyn/New York brunettes.
BADA BING-GIRLS is a takeoff on many of the famous all-girl groups like Spice Girls, Indigo Girls, Destiny's Child, but uniquely different.