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A mobile platform from Samsung that runs a proprietary OS based on the RTOS (RealTime OS) operating system. Meaning "ocean" in Korean, bada was introduced in 2009 with handsets available under its Wave brand in the following year. In 2013, Samsung announced that Bada would be merged into the Tizen open source project, and support was terminated by 2015 (see Tizen).
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a mining area in northern Libya, in the Libyan Desert. The center of petroleum deposits discovered in 1959, it is exploited by a USA company. The oil is transported by pipelines to the Mediterranean ports of al-Sider and Ras al-Unuf, from where it is shipped out.

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"We've become an information factory," says Bada. "Whatever our clients need us to do, we do.
"We have to document each home's entire condition on that first inspection," says Bada. "If something is wrong, we have to input it.
Bada remains the true heart of the organization, but technology is now at its heart as well.
Bada also took Miller and his brothers into the field with him to paint houses and board them up.
Bada's oldest daughter--and Joe Miller's mother--was in the dental field when her dad recruited her to join the company in 2002.
Daughter Nickalene "Nickie" Badalamenti-Kalas is one of the few Bada offspring who didn't work for her father when she was a child.
But it hasn't been that big a transition for the house that Joe Bada built.
Together, four children and 11 grandchildren are part of the business that Joe Bada started building 48 years ago, and a family that he started even before that.