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Those advocating a step-by-step process insistthat a ban would be too radical and therefore unacceptable to Congress and the public.
The reason I noted that life extension coupled with diminished capability can create negative externalities was not to suggest that we should ban or regulate such procedures.
If e very one of those bans can be discussed and debated, then the citizens would discover the empty rhetoric of bans.
In examining the effects of 100-percent smoke-free bans in workplaces, bars, and restaurants, this paper addresses the limitations of the previous literature in three ways.
One analysis showed that the workers had, on average, fewer white blood cells in their bloodstreams 2 months after the ban took effect than they did before--a sign of reduced inflammation.
This fall, voters in Wisconsin and at least five other states will weigh in on whether to ban same-sex marriage within their borders.
29--The Massachusetts legislature passes a proposed state constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage but legalize civil unions, by a tally of 105-92.
MOJAVE - Mojave Unified School District will survey employees about the district ban against personal music players on campus aimed at shielding youngsters from vulgar music lyrics.
Having won this fight, they will go on to legislate bans against other abortion procedures, eventually making abortions almost impossible to obtain.
In Europe, industry groups strongly opposed the bans arguing that the chemicals were necessary in fire prevention.