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Thus, if a taxpayer has invested in multiple equipment-leasing deals, only the basis in those investments made in a given year may be combined for at-risk purposes.
Home improvements-such as construction of an addition or installation of a pool-give rise to basis increases.
Over the year, the SA delinquency rate for prime ARM products was down 7 basis points to 2.
In a B reorganization, the acquirer's basis in the newly acquired target stock is carryover basis.
The effect of reducing the tax basis of the property is that the owner will defer the DOI Income until he sells the property.
So in order for a manager to earn his normal fee, he's got to do 200 basis points over his benchmark, plus his fee.
However, what happens to the basis of the shares actually redeemed by the corporation for the property received?
There are two tax rules that could apply Under section 1367, S corporation shareholders can deduct losses up to the amount of their stock basis (with a corresponding reduction in basis).
The acquiring corporation may elect from two methods how it determines its total tax basis in the stock received.
754 and 743, a partnership can adjust the inside basis of its assets on the sale or exchange of a partnership interest or on a partner's death.
Otherwise the carpet generally would be included in the value of the real property and the cost would be capitalized and recovered on a straight-line basis over 39 years.