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surname, probably meaning lightning, given members of a powerful Carthaginian family: see Hamilcar BarcaHamilcar Barca,
d. 229 or 228 B.C., Carthaginian general. He was assigned the command in Sicily in 247 in the First Punic War (see Punic Wars). From mountain bases near Palermo he made repeated raids on the Romans and relieved the Punic garrison in Lilybaeum.
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; HannibalHannibal
, b. 247 B.C., d. 183 or 182 B.C. Carthaginian general, an implacable and formidable enemy of Rome. Although knowledge of him is based primarily on the reports of his enemies, Hannibal appears to have been both just and merciful. He is renowned for his tactical genius.
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; HasdrubalHasdrubal,
d. 207 B.C., Carthaginian general; son of Hamilcar Barca. During the Second Punic War (see Punic Wars), his brother Hannibal, on leaving for Italy, made Hasdrubal commander in Spain.
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Yet despite being rewarded with comradely respect (82), and "una targa d'argento con due barche a vela e un fascio littorio messa in palio dalla Tribuna della Riviera" (81), Melchiorre's narcissism is his downfall, in practical as in literary terms.
Lo solcano barche, barchini, velieri, con baldacchini ricamati per proteggere dal sole le allegre comitive.
(126) Vedessemo venire contra nui pit1 de cento prao, partiti in tre squadroni, con altri tanti tunguli che sono le sue barche picole.
Gli uomini possono attraversarli nei punti in in cui l'acqua e piu bassa (guadi), o costruendo dei ponti o utilizzando delle barche (traghetti).
gondole, caorline, sandoli, mascarete, scioponi, barche lagunari messe a
barche. Eh d'altra parte, a Venezia, alle macchine usi la stessa
all'inattivita e chiusura della prigione, le due barche raramente
Boydell's project is explored in a kind of annexe to the main exhibition which includes a digital recreation of his London gallery, hung from floor to ceiling with large canvases, by Janine Barches of the University of Texas.
Barches were leavened with wild yeast, giving it a pronounced sourdough flavor."