BlackBerry 10

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BlackBerry 10

The last generation of BlackBerry's proprietary operating system (see BlackBerry Key). Introduced in 2013 and based on QNX, BlackBerry 10 (BB10) was very innovative and a dramatic departure from previous phone models. The Q10 included the company's signature keyboard, while the Z10 was all touchscreen.

Originating in the corporate world, personal and enterprise activities were kept separate (see BlackBerry Balance). The camera's Time Shift feature took multiple images so the best one could be chosen. See BlackBerry, QNX, mobile compatibility and mobile device vendor control.

Peek Into the Hub for Email and Messages
The BlackBerry Hub enabled all notifications to be revealed at any time by swiping the screen up and over with the same hand that held the phone. Users could "peek" in for a quick glance and return smoothly to where they left off. (Image courtesy of BlackBerry,

Predicting Text While Typing
Suggested words can be quickly flicked up into the sentence, and common typos are remembered. Interjected foreign words are also spell checked. (Image courtesy of BlackBerry,

The Q10 and Z30
With a 5" phablet-sized touchscreen, the Z30 (right) was faster, had longer battery life and better speakers than the Q10 (left).
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According to global industry reports, all BlackBerry devices, including BB10, shipments stood at 850,000 for last year.
Still, several others are still reportedly participating on the new season, including Da'Vonne Rogers (BB17 and 18), Bridgette Dunning (BB18), Tai Trang ("Survivor" 32 and 34), Dan Gheesling (BB10 winner, BB14 runner-up), Jessie Godders (BB10 and 11), Janelle Pierzina (BB6, 7 and 14), Britney Haynes (BB12 and 14), Frank Eudy (BB14 and 18), Ian Terry (BB14 Winner), Rachel Reilly (BB12, BB13 Winner, 'Amazing Race 20 and 24 second runner-up), Elissa Slater (BB15), Nicole Franzel (BB16 and BB18 Winner) and Victor Arroyo (BB18).
Summary: New York [USA], Mar 3 (ANI): In a move depicting the 'final nail in the BB10 coffin', BlackBerry Limited, the manager of BlackBerry's brand licensing and software, announced that paid software will be removed from the BlackBerry World app store on April 1.
It has been two whole years since BlackBerry announced a new device running BB10 software and the manufacturer has confirmed the software will only get any kind of support for another two years.
Between 29 September 2013 and 6 September 2014, we deployed AMARs at stations BB10 (south; 1000 m water depth, 550 m recorder depth) and BB6 (north; 575 m water depth, 302 m recorder depth) (Fig.
It sought to turn around its fortunes last year by producing its first smartphone running Google's Android operating system rather than its own BB10 software.
India, July 15 -- BlackBerry is not backing away from its BB10 platform, the company said in a blog post today.
One can also book a test drive sitting at home and get more details about any of Mazda models, using the Mazda Oman mobile app for Apple, Android and BB10," the spokesperson said.
QWERTY keypad, the popular Blackberry trackpad is all here along with the latest iteration of the Blackberry OS, BB10.3
Moreover, IDC said most of the sales were older devices using the BlackBerry 7 operating system instead of the newer BB10. IDC said that with many markets becoming saturated, the landscape will be tougher and more competitive, with vendors looking to cut prices.
The company introduced its new operating system, BlackBerry 10 (BB10), in January along with its Z10 touch screen handset.