BBN Technologies

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BBN Technologies

A company, originally known as Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc. (BBN), based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

BBN were awarded the original contract to build the ARPANET and have been extensively involved in Internet development. They are responsible for managing NNSC, CSNET, and NEARnet.

The language LOGO was developed at BBN, as was the BBN Butterfly supercomputer.

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The company's partnerships with Novell and Microsoft, as well as the fact that it carries the highest industry authorizations offered by 3COM, Cisco Systems, Bay Networks, Citrix, IBM, BBN Planet and UltraNet, make it an attractive acquisition.
for BBN Planet and started its East Coast Business Solutions Group.
In addition, the GNI works in conjunction with GTE's existing BBN Planet network to support the company's diverse range of IP-based electronic business services such as Internet access, Web hosting, virtual private networks, dial-up access and electronic commerce as well as advanced voice and broadband video.
BBN Planet, The EarthLink Network, Hiway Technologies Inc.
BBN Planet is WBN's technology partner and Internet service provider (ISP).
Brown, Hitchner raised private capital for several Internet businesses including Inktomi Corporation, BBN Planet, CDnow, Cyberian Outpost, USA.
Executives and members of the Exchange, as well as representatives of WBN and BBN Planet, will be available for interviews and to answer questions.
He also held senior leadership positions at Genuity Solutions, GTE Internetworking and BBN Planet.
The process of peering, according to leading ISPs like U U n e t, AT&T WorldNet, BBN Planet, GeoNet, and MCI, is supposed to equalize the costs of connections--not just for the lines, routers, and handling the traffic, but also for overall operations, tech support, and customer service.
Adams also served in finance and operational roles at internet service provider GTE Internetworking / BBN Planet.
Prior to Digex, Shull held positions at GTE Internetworking Business Solutions, BBN Planet, and EDS.