BBN Technologies

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BBN Technologies

A company, originally known as Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc. (BBN), based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

BBN were awarded the original contract to build the ARPANET and have been extensively involved in Internet development. They are responsible for managing NNSC, CSNET, and NEARnet.

The language LOGO was developed at BBN, as was the BBN Butterfly supercomputer.

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Aaron Adler (BBN Technologies), Mohammed Eslami (Netrias), Jesse Tordoff (MIT), and Fusun Yaman (BBN Technologies) served as cochairs of the symposium.
Through his 20 years of experience, first with BBN Technologies, then with MathWorks, Karnofsky has been involved in development and marketing of software for signal processing and data analysis technologies.
The agency has awarded GXV-T contracts to at least eight organizations including Raytheon BBN Technologies.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 29, 2016-Quanergy Acquires OTUS People Tracker Software from Raytheon BBN Technologies
His illustrious career included working with Bolt Beranek and Newman (present day BBN Technologies) who built the ARPANET, predecessor to the Internet.
Previously, Butler was at BBN Technologies where he led development programs for low-power sensor networks and advanced signal processing.
Unattended ground and acoustic sensors include the L-3 Communications-provided Rem bass II Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System (the sensors of which can be monitored at ranges of up to 15 km) and the Raytheon BBN Technologies Boomerang shooter detection system.
The other vendors mentioned in the report are Agnitio Corp., Advanced Voice recognition systems Inc., LumenVox LLC, Telisma/On Mobile Global Ltd., AT&T Inc., Raytheon BBN Technologies, Microsoft Tellme, Voxeo Corp., Speech Technology Center, Voice Trust AG, VoiceVault Inc., Voice Biometrics Group, and Auraya Systems Pty.
Raytheon's BBN Technologies division is designing the network that would be used by the satellites.
In this valuable resource for product and network managers, developers, vendors, and others involved in emergency services and standards compliance, Wolf (, Austria) and Barnes (BBN Technologies, US) describe the standardization efforts of the Internet Engineering Task Force devoted to improving this situation for VoIP calls.