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BCAS has not reviewed its order and not reacting on the concern even when court has made observations, a senior police official said.
Chief executive Ali Radhi and heads of various departments listened to the grievances raised by BCAS.
The BCAS said that all security measures must be carried out meticulously and that all measures must now be introduced including secondary security checks at ladder points, reports Express India.
BCAS executive director Atiq Rahman says that, although the report integrates wide-ranging opinions of institutions and key individuals, a number of dominant interrelated issues were nor adequately addressed.
According to Smith, BCAS will market EQ2's HEMS Enterprise, Web Request and EQ2 Mobile products for clinical equipment management.
Tim and Roy will help ensure that members are both represented and understand both current and future standards and legislation plus of course ensure that BCAS members continue to be regarded as the partner of choice for compressed air equipment supply and service.
Meanwhile, senior personnel of CISF said their staff was briefed on how to allow every official to exit from any gate instead of following BCAS order in emergency situation.
companies, all members of the ACP, would work with I and BCAS to enhance India's aviation officials' capacity to effectively test, certify and procure advanced scanning technologies.
When asked about legal compliance or more specifically whether "They help us meet environmental and health and safety standards" 19% of those using Non BCAS members rated them as either 0 or 1 out of 10 and a further 19% only rated them between 2 and 5.
The civil aviation ministry has accused the home ministry of deliberately scuttling appointment of BCAS chief for the past two years.
In a power point presentation the Commissioner of BCAS highlighted initiatives taken on airport security.
Respondents covered those who use both BCAS members and non-BCAS members for the supply of equipment and ongoing service.