Blu-ray player

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Blu-ray player

(1) Software that plays Blu-ray and DVD discs. See media player.

(2) A stand-alone unit that plays Blu-ray and DVD movie discs. It also plays music from CDs, and newer models have built-in Netflix support, as well as access to other streaming services. A "Blu-ray player" is an input source for a TV or home theater, whereas a "Blu-ray drive" is a peripheral device for a computer. See Blu-ray and DVD.

Blu-ray and More
The award-winning Oppo BDP-103 also plays media from a flash drive (orange object), as well as high-resolution SACD and DVD-Audio discs. "FW Found" means a firmware update is available. See SACD and DVD-Audio.

A Portable Player
Portable Blu-ray players such as this Azend unit are self-contained viewers with screen and speakers. (Image courtesy of Azend Group Corporation,
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Free 3D BD player plus four 3D glasses and Skype camera worth Dh1,296 with purchase of 55-inch Smart TV for Dh8,499.
Additionally, the purchase of a Samsung 3D LED TV (D6000 and above) or 3D PDP TV (D490 and above) would qualify the consumer for a Rs 10,000 discount on 3D pack that comprises of a 3D BD Player with an HDMI Cable, two Battery operated 3D Glasses, five Blu-ray and one 3D movie title (Spiderman 1&3, Angels & Demons, 2012, Ghost Rider and Megamind).
to tap into the medium- to low-end BD player market.
BD player unit sales have increased 72% year-on-year to 400,000 units in 1Q09 while the ASP of BD players have decreased by 34% year-on-year from US$393 in 1Q08 to US$261 in 1Q09.
Panasonic's system comprises a 103-inch plasma television and a BD player that plays back BD onto which 3D images, consisting of leftand right-sided 1080p full HD images, are recorded.
PS3 is an incredible value for the consumer and comes standard with advanced technologies, such as the Cell Broadband Engine(TM), built-in BD player, internal hard disk drive (HDD), HDMI output standard*, Wireless Controller (SIXAXIS(TM)) and network capability -- everything required to start enjoying the PS3 right out of the box.
The delivery of the first seven BD titles, priced at $24.99 each, is timed to coincide with the first commercially available BD player from Samsung Electronics Co.
Once connected to a compatible device (HDTV, PS3, BD Player, etc), the device delivers Wireless-N performance up to 300Mbps.
Our objective is to ensure that consumers who are shopping for a new television or BD player take the time to learn about this 3D technology transition that Panasonic has created.
As part of this package, the purchase of a Samsung 46" and above 3D LED or 3D LCD TV would entitle the consumer to a Samsung BD player, three pairs of 3D glasses and a 3D movie absolutely free, while a 40" 3D LED TV would get the buyer a Samsung C5500 BD player and one pair of 3D glasses free.
The new BD player is compatible with most standard DVDs and has the added feature of 1080p upscaling through HDMI to 1080p capable HDTVs, improving the picture performance of existing DVD libraries.