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1- The investigation of the prevalence of BDC among the students of Ahvaz Chamran University.
BDC Sudbury has demonstrated an unrivaled ability to find custom-made solutions for clients, based on a desire to establish and foster strong working relationships.
DigiPhoto Entertainment Imaging is a leading provider of souvenir imaging services particularly in the global landmarks of Dubai, Singapore, and Malaysia currently forms the core of BDC Holdings' portfolio, followed by the DigiPhoto a retail chain of digital imaging outlets in premium locations in Dubai.
BDC is also working with smaller start-ups with big ideas and Moger believes his firm will turn more towards franchises as the company grows.
But while the spotlight has been focused on divestment, BDC has been quietly going about some very exciting new projects.
As is shown in Table 2, there is a significant difference between girl subjects of experiment and control group in terms of BDC variable at level p < 0.
The BDC has more than 100 offices across Canada providing financing, venture capital and consulting services to entrepreneurs.
Although its primary task as a development finance institution has been to facilitate commerce and industry and diversify the economy, over the years, BDC has grown into a highly successful commercial corporation in its own right.
According to a joint BDC Venture Capital and GrowLab selection committee, the four startups ePACT, KarmaHire, Procurify and Spacelist were all "venture-ready".
In the Sudbury region alone, BDC serves the needs of 200 customers for a total portfolio of $60 million, and supports the expansion plans of 650 businesses spread throughout a vast Northern Ontario market for another $200 million.
The main objective of the BDC is to identify investment opportunities for exploitation by both local and foreign investors.
BDC Labs is pleased to announce that they have formed a relationship with Blockwise Engineering, LLC.