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backflow preventer

backflow preventer for a hose connection
A device used to prevent water (or other liquids) from being siphoned into a potable water system.
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'Fire Out 6' is a downloadable application that features the directory of fire stations all over the region, BFP news, citizen's charter, fire safety tips and first aid tips.
Delos Reyes said the complaints stalled the whole procurement process as the BFP had to comply with existing rules.
For the PNP, tapping the BFP as force multiplier by allowing its uniformed personnel to bear firearms would also further bolster the government's campaign against criminality and effectively capacitate the BFP in responding to national emergency.
'BFP responders triaged simulated casualties on site and prepared them for initial treatment and transfer to the Philippine General Hospital.
BFP said the 268 fires this year damaged P45,686,100, much lower than the P79,407,400 in the same period last year.
Z test was used to test the difference in BFP categories between sexes, and two-way ANOVA to test the difference in BFP between age and sex.
(4, 6) We had used BFP and buccal advancement flap due to ease of procedure, less time consumption and good prognosis with minimum morbidity of donor site.
Tacloban City Fire Station is eight-km away and considered to be the nearest fire station in San Jose with its two fire trucks immediately responding during the incident, the BFP said.
World Parks Congress: This past fall, BFP published a new report, "Aboriginal Experiences in Canada--Parks and Protected Areas," detailing the experiences of indigenous peoples with protected areas management in Canada.
Baughman says most states fund programs similar to the BFP, which provides various technical assistance grants for feasibility studies and research and product development in Pennsylvania.