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backflow preventer

backflow preventer for a hose connection
A device used to prevent water (or other liquids) from being siphoned into a potable water system.
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The BFP is thankful for some local government units and fire volunteers for helping the bureau in acquiring fire fighting units,' he added.
The new BFP division will replace the FSED and assume the role of evaluating and enforcing fire safety under the Fire Code of the Philippines.
As an entity which is considered distinct from subcutaneous cheek fat, the BFP prevents indrawing of the cheeks during sucking in infants, whereas facil-itate and enhance intermusular motion in the adult.
7, 8) Covering BFP with buccal advancement flap enhances healing by minimizing chances of infection and failure of flap.
Finding the correct inputs was a continuously evolving process that assessed whether or not the information requested actually benefited the BFP.
After treatment with BFP for 24 h, cells were fixed with 10% trichloroacetic acid and stained by SRB at 0.
Relative to SFT, GLF and BFP represented decreases in topsoil C stock of 16 and 29% at Nsukka, 62 and 88% at Obimo, and 46 and 53% at Ibagwa-aka, respectively.
The BFP is mainly used to cover defects in the posterior maxilla, the buccal region, the hard palate, the soft palate, the retromolar and pterygomandibular regions after tumor resection, and oroantral communications after tooth extraction.
World Parks Congress: This past fall, BFP published a new report, "Aboriginal Experiences in Canada--Parks and Protected Areas," detailing the experiences of indigenous peoples with protected areas management in Canada.
The league BFP totals do not appear in the Sourcebook, so they were estimated as follows: BFP = [3 x IP] + H + BB + HBP - GIDP.