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It is often said that Britain's tracks hold the real power in the sport and Rust must find a way to work with them and make sure the BHA is not outmuscled.
BHA chief executive Paul Bittar said yesterday that small field sizes had become "arguably the biggest challenge facing British racing in recent years".
Given the return of racing at Chelmsford City, the BHA has done well to accommodate its arrival and keep the ratios between Flat turf, jumps and all-weather meetings as close as it has to its ideal of 40:40:20.
The BHA has said it wants to move away from a simple bid process based on the level of prize-money offered, bringing in other factors that would include metrics such as field size.
In 2017, the BHA further increased its out-of-competition testing by around 25 per cent.
LE and armed forces contracts hurried BHA through its re-purposing of the creamery.
That nobody within the BHA, or indeed Lohn, saw the business relationship as a potential pitfall is jaw-dropping.
Three testing groups are prepared as BHA (100 wt% BHA), 5BHA (95 wt% BHA and 5 wt% CaTi[O.
Philip Freedman, chief executive of the Horsemen's Group, said: "Together with BHA, we set out on this process with the objective of achieving a significant uplift in prize money through the development of a collaborative approach between racecourses and Horsemen, as well as ensuring that a racecourse's own payment of prize money became a contractual commitment rather than a discretionary payment.
However, the BHA confirmed that the fixture list will not exceed the 1,464 fixtures programmed in 2013.
The BHA confirmed it has received an application for a temporary licence from Bin Surour, who is currently authorised to train at the Godolphin Stables, at Snailwell Road in Newmarket.
He added that he would welcome a gambling ban, one of the possible BHA sanctions.