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symbol for the element bohriumbohrium
, artificially produced radioactive chemical element; symbol Bh; at. no. 107; mass number of most stable isotope 270; m.p., b.p., sp. gr., and valence unknown. Situated in Group 7 of the periodic table, it is expected to have properties similar to those of the rare metal
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Brinell hardness

Brinell hardness tester
A measure of resistance of a material to indentation; obtained by use of a machine which presses a standard hard steel or carbide ball into the material, under standard loading conditions; expressed by the Brinell hardness number—the higher the number, the harder the material.


The country code for Bahrain.
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Without an automated system in place to determine if payment for a laboratory procedure was appropriate, BHS was writing off $70,000 a month in medical necessity denials and needed a mechanism to reduce that unnecessary drain.
Affiliate networks are the wave of the future, and these transactions ensure that BHS will have a major role to play in the evolution and future of the residential real estate services industry throughout the country," said BHS Principals Kent M.
BHS International has 11 franchise partners in charge of 61 stores in 14 countries.
David Anderson, managing director of BHS International, as it announced the UK relaunch of BHS as an online retailer
enriched himself his COMMONS MPs found the tycoon "systematically extracted hundreds of millions of pounds from BHS, paying very little tax and fantastically enriching himself and his family, leaving the company and their pension fund weakened to the point of the inevitable collapse of both".
Sir Philip's letter to a joint Commons committee probing the collapse of BHS added: "It appeared that PS15million to close the deal would work and I therefore offered the additional PS5million to try to help the business be sold as a going concern.
Sir Philip for paying a PS400 million dividend to his family from the business and over his management of the pension scheme, and Mr Chappell for sucking management fees out of BHS before its collapse.
And what happens if a buyer can't be found and BHS closes its doors completely?
theliverpool echo He said: "Many people will find it shocking that BHS, a company which has been so successful in the past, could leave its employees' pensions so short of cash and in such a short space of time.
Owner of BHS Dominic Chappell said that "no one is to blame" for the failure of the retailer.
A TOTAL of 11,000 jobs may be at risk amid fears the high street chain BHS could file for administration.