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The brewery has also produced a beer mix since 2002 known as Kostritz Bibop. Wernesgruner Braueri, in the Vogtland region of Saxony, has been wholly owned since 2002 and brews 625,500 barrels per year.
"We are bringing the future of rapid transportation technology to all those living in the UAE," remarked HyperloopTT chairman Bibop Gresta.
"In 2019, this capsule will be fully optimised and ready for passengers," said Bibop Gresta, chairman and co-founder of HyperloopTT.
"China leads the world in the amount of high speed rail constructed by far, and now they are looking for a more efficient high speed solution in hyperloop," said Bibop Gresta, Chairman of HyperloopTT.
"We have some of the best global talent as part of our team," said HTT Chairman Bibop Gresta.
The firm will now take responsibility for the financial control of Brainsparka[euro](tm)s Mediapolis project as well as the Ora Hotel Group and will financially advise cross media company Bibop, also part of the buyera[euro](tm)s portfolio.
Speaking at the unveiling cermony, HyperloopTT co-founder and Chairman Bibop Gresta said: "We have taken major steps in solving government regulations with our safety certification guidelines and insurance frameworks and are now closer than ever to bringing Hyperloop to the world."
With regulatory support, we hope the first section will be operational in time for Expo 2020," said Bibop Gresta, chairman of HyperloopTT.
"This agreement creates the basis for the first commercial Hyperloop system in the world here in the UAE, with the goal of eventually connecting Abu Dhabi to Al Ain, Dubai, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia." said Bibop Gresta, Chairman of HyperloopTT.
This will be the first historical place (Al Ghadeer) where Hyperloop will start the commercial line which will be for ten kilometres," said Bibop Gresta, chairman and cofounder of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.
Speaking at GITEX Technology Week 2017, Bibop Gresta says that Abu Dhabi has completed the largest everfeasibility study into hyperloop technology.
HyperloopTT Chairman Bibop Gresta said: "We announced our first commercial agreement in Abu Dhabi in April and we are pleased to include Ukraine to our growing list of sovereign partners."