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basic insulation level (BIL)

The insulation capability of an item of electrical equipment (e.g., a transformer) to withstand specified voltage surges.
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The appointment of the oversized cuddly lion was much to the dismay of Stuart Hogg, who was tasked with looking after BIL for the tour that year, carrying him around everywhere along with his Lions kit.
The two married in 1948 and moved to Bil Keane's home town of Philadelphia.
The financial details of the deal were not disclosed, but Claes Nybergs Bil said that it plans to invest an additional SEK30m in a car fleet for the acquired operations.
However, AJCA Section 833(b) does not treat EIPs as having a substantial BIL under Sec.
BIL said it now had enough shareholder support to push through its bid, leaving the hotelier virtually no way out.
Since the cash outflow for the redemption of the debentures will happen only in 2012-13, BIL is likely to maintain its current liquidity until then.
Handelshuset Svebro said that it regards Michelsens Bil as a platform for expansion.
Thus, any remaining BIL is eliminated if the contributing partner disposes of his or her interest.
The rating actions follow Brit Insurance's announcement on June 18, 2012 that BIL will be acquired by RiverStone Holdings Limited, an indirect subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, subject to regulatory approval.
743(b)--mandatory application if aggregate BIL exceeds $250,000: Under AJCA Section 833, generally, the Sec.
Factors that could lead to a negative rating action include deterioration in risk-adjusted capitalisation at either BIL or Brit, the absence of an improvement in the performance of the U.
Best believes that BIL will achieve an excellent combined ratio below the 96% achieved in 2006 (subject to full year catastrophe experience), despite weakening in market conditions for many of BIL's main lines of business.