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Dixon, Ed., BMDP Statistical Software, University of California Press, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Calif, USA, 1993.
Analisis conceptual al analisis multivariable: un enfoque informatico con los paquetes SPPSS-X, BMDP, LISREL y SPAD.
We performed life-table analysis (using BMDP Program 1L) to compare the typical-use pregnancy rates of the two groups.
BMDP Statistical Software (Dixon, 1992) was used for analyses of variance (ANOVAs) with repeated measures (Programs 2V and 8V, with Greenhouse-Geisser adjusted error probabilities).
The statistical tests were performed from Biomedical Display Package (BMDP) 4F (Brown 1983), using the iterative, proportional fitting method to obtain expected cell counts in a matrix of random expectations (Turk 1979; Powers and Easterling 1982).
Prey weight data were tested for normality (Shapiro and Wilk, 1965) and equality of variance (BMDP, 1990).
To test the relationship of serum neopterin concentrations with age, smoking status, diastolic blood pressure, and BMI, we performed four-way ANOVA using the program BMDP2V (BMDP Statistical Software, 1990 Ed.; University of California Press).