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(file format, graphics)
Microsoft Windows bitmap format. Bmp files may use run-length encoding.

This is the only graphics format where compression actually enlarges the file. The format is widely used nonetheless.


(1) (BitMaP) Also known as a "bump" file, it is the native, bitmapped graphics format in Windows. A BMP can be saved in several color options: 1-, 4-, 8- and 24-bit color provide 2, 16, 256 and 16,000,000 colors respectively. BMP files use the .BMP or .DIB file extensions (DIB stands for Device-Independent Bitmap). See graphics formats. See also BPM.

(2) (Batch Message Processor) A facility for producing reports and batch updates to IMS databases.
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Results showed that the RHCU option integrated with Bapco's existing refinery offered the most favourable economic return on the BMP investment.
Industry sources said that BMP presidential candidate's nomination was rejected on the grounds that he was a big businessman, but was registered in the small trader members' category of the FPCCI .
For just one day Monday 31 October, the stock symbol PXRB will align with company name BMP Holdings.
Data derived from an actual banana farm shows other growers the benefits of prioritising their on-farm investment in BMP, Mr Phillips said.
With the signing of the WP agreement, Bapco has now formally put in place all major technology licence agreements needed for the BMP project.
Abbreviations: BMP = bone morphogenetic protein, BV = bone volume, CNS = central nervous system, microCT = microcomputed tomography, H&E = hematoxylin and eosin, HO = heterotopic ossification, RNA = ribonucleic acid, RTPCR = reverse transcript polymerase chain reaction, SCI = spinal cord injury, T = thoracic, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.
The mature domain of each BMP contains a region of seven conserved cysteine amino acids, six of which are involved in forming a characteristic structural motif: a cysteine-knot with two finger-like double-stranded sheets (15)
Gie Relova, BMP secretary-general, noted that revoking Meralco's license would alleviate the miseries of millions of Filipinos.
The paper identified a complex network of genes - including the Wnt and BMP signaling pathways - controlling the cycles of hair growth.
Pfizer has agreed to transfer to Bioventus all existing development work for the BMP assets and to undertake certain early development activities relating to the next-generation BMP Pfizer also will manufacture rhBMP-2 and supply it to Bioventus.
Developing the next-generation BMP will enable Bioventus to become a recognized leader in orthobiologics.
BMP is also adding drawings and manuals to the website for easy access of the end user to locate and determine the correct parts needed.