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(file format, graphics)
Microsoft Windows bitmap format. Bmp files may use run-length encoding.

This is the only graphics format where compression actually enlarges the file. The format is widely used nonetheless.


(1) (BitMaP) Also known as a "bump" file, it is the native, bitmapped graphics format in Windows. A BMP can be saved in several color options: 1-, 4-, 8- and 24-bit color provide 2, 16, 256 and 16,000,000 colors respectively. BMP files use the .BMP or .DIB file extensions (DIB stands for Device-Independent Bitmap). See graphics formats. See also BPM.

(2) (Batch Message Processor) A facility for producing reports and batch updates to IMS databases.
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After eight weeks of differentiation, BMPS were plated on 48-well MEA plates (Axion Biosystems) previously coated with Matrigel (BD Bioscience).
Different technologies have been used to generate BMPS over the last three years, however, most studies published to date do not allow control of the organoid size and shape.
2 Expression of CNS-specific genes and miRNA during development and differentiation of the BMPS model
In order to characterize different stages of the differentiation and the maturation process, BMPS were collected every week over 8 weeks of differentiation.
MicroRNAs (miRNA), known as posttranscriptional regulators of developmental timing, have been established as markers of the neural differentiation process (Li and Jin, 2010) and were used here to characterize the BMPS (Fig.
3 Characterization of marker expression by flow cytometry shows neuronal maturation in the human iPSC derived BMPS
In order to quantify cell populations in the iPSC-derived BMPS and verify reproducibility between experiments and batches of the cell line (CCD1079Sk, CRL-2097), marker expression was investigated by flow cytometry using CNS-specific antibodies at different stages of differentiation (Tab.
These results indicate that after 8 weeks of differentiation the cellular composition is similar and shows high reproducibility between different BMPS experiments.
The newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore reported at that time that BMPS, obliged by competition regulators to dispose of these assets after buying Italian bank Antonveneta in 2007, was setting a price of 5.
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AXA will pay EUR240m to BMPS for this transaction, which will be funded internally.