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The country code for Bolivia.
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a city in Sierra Leone, the administrative center of Southern Province. Population, 25,000 (1968). The city is a rail and highway junction and the trade and distribution center of the agricultural region (for palm hearts and oil, cocoa, and coffee). Diamonds are extracted in the region of Bo.

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Back Orifice

A program that is used to compromise a Windows machine. It installs itself as a server, allowing a hacker with the client counterpart to manipulate the machine more completely than the user at the keyboard. Named as a play on BackOffice, an earlier Microsoft software suite, Back Orifice was created for Windows 95 and 98, and Back Orifice 2000 (BO2K) for Windows NT and subsequent Windows operating systems.

Back Orifice was created by "The Cult of the Dead Cow" (cDc), a hacker organization ( There are various "BO removers," which are programs that detect and remove it. See BO remover, Trojan and RAT. See also back office.
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For example: Anyone in Sterling can have his system inspected by a licensed inspector on a voluntary basis without the BOH being involved -- indeed the resident has every right to make sure the board is not involved.
Indeed, this is something the BOH letter acknowledges by including the first word in the following sentence, "although we are aware that your account address in our records is a US address", before attempting to justify the account closure because it is "not able to prevent the operation of your account if, or when, you are in Iran."
Crews used a snake eye camera to capture an image of Boh in the sett.
About 86 patients were randomly selected and included in this study on BOH. The study was approved by the institutional ethics committee, and informed consent from participants was obtained.
BOH have collected a back catalogue but have to achieve that one song that unites the crowd.
Turkiye'de Saglik Bakanligi da saglik sisteminin durumunu yansitabilecek temel saglik gostergelerinin baslicalari arasinda ilk sirada BOH'u saymaktadir (4).
We used these data to investigate the relationship between levels of PHEP and (1) population size of the community served by the LHD, (2) presence of a BOH, (3) and LHDs' participation in organizing coalitions for EP and response purposes.
The BoH have released five albums - three of them live ones - stirring up quite a following with their Little Feat-style roots/soul/rock sound.
The success of getting the SSA operation in record time was largely due to the use of Boh Environmental, LLC (BOH), containers, including the BOH Cargo 6, BOH Cargo 12, and BOH field pack-up (FPU) 8-2 containers and the expandable wall command center (EWCC).
And Boh fans are still raising money via their website to aid the repair of the Tavern Bar in Derry which was attacked by thugs who had travelled to the city for the Eircom League final.
I never trust storeroom balance-on-hand (BOH) figures.
At $30,000 a pop, the CashTel gave BOH a "six month jump on the competition locally," Hawaii Business reported.