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quantity survey

A detailed analysis and listing of all items of material and equipment necessary to construct a project. Also called a takeoff.
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The BOM also discussed the increasing demand of skilled workers abroad particularly for China and Korea where they could get better salary package.
As they honoured their pioneer, the conference attendees were delighted to hear news of the most recent study of the use of BOM to achieve pregnancy.
The BOM receives data from many tools and systems, typically in different formats and at varying levels of completeness.
This research study will perform an objective content analysis on BOM in comparison to WOM, specifically examining each magazine's health sections from June thru September 2000.
Spire's customers can be confident that they are deploying a module using a BOM that is UL certified, low cost and offers the most readily available components of the highest quality.
The warnings are usually issued withut much lead-time before the event," BOM said in its Web site.
Lot 3 Acquisition of BOM 19 to 26 tonnes of PTC equipped boxes around 14-20 m3 and up container (between 0 and 4 vehicles per year).
We are thrilled to close this transaction and be working with the BOM Capital team,' said Kyle Ransford, Manhattan Bancorp's Chairman.
For example, the product structure to create BOMs in a PDM became the bill of materials.
The woman will also benefit from a deeper understanding of her own menstrual cycle, which results from instruction in the BOM.
In comparison, Verizon iPhone 4's BOM is only $171.
The new BOM upload tool gives online customers the ability to search multiple parts simultaneously and retrieve instant pricing and stock availability information.