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quantity survey

A detailed analysis and listing of all items of material and equipment necessary to construct a project. Also called a takeoff.
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BOM software is widely used to track the changes made to a product during different stages of its life cycle.
Therefore the objective of this paper is to develop a new mathematical model and a new genetic algorithm to solve the SIP problem for G-BOM, in which some parts in the BOM have more than one immediate parent.
Batshugar Enkhbayar, Deputy Governor of BOM said, "We truly value JCBI's desire to continue to expand its financial products worldwide with motivation to involve globalization.
On the second day of January of 2015, BOM had forecasted a widespread heatwave with temperatures in the high-30s and low-40s across southern Australian.
99 base price for these units may be high for large OEMs who are able to support an RF department and source/develop their own discrete radio for a couple dollars, for smaller OEMs, the AIR module can save countless hours and lines on a BOM.
only be provided to BOM after VTB Group increases its stake at BOM to
The Billings' international influence included official recognition and usage of the BOM in most provinces of China, where under the One Child Policy the destructive forced alternatives otherwise can involve abortifacient contraception and abortion.
In the worst-case scenario, BOM problems can lead to non-functional prototypes or even the need to re-spin the printed circuit board (PCB).
The most recent study evaluating health information in BOM was done by Hoffman-Goetz (1997).
A BOM is used for an end product to state raw materials and/or intermediate products required for making the product.
A reduction in the capacity of activated carbon for target VOCs results from the competition between BOM and the VOCs for the limited surface area available for adsorption.