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(physical chemistry)
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1. On drawings, abbr. for blueprint.
2. On drawings, abbr. for baseplate.
3. On drawings, abbr. for bearing pile.
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baseband processor

A chip in a smartphone or tablet that handles the cellular transmission. The baseband processor converts the data to a signal that can be used to modulate the carrier frequency for transmission and vice versa. That signal is handed off to the RF processor, which may also be part of the baseband chip. See baseband, Passive Wi-Fi and C-RAN.

Baseband Processor in a Tablet
The baseband circuitry in a 3G/4G tablet comprises about 5% of the total components. Without it, there would be no cellular connectivity.
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BP Amoco initially announced plans to sell the Fabrics and Fibers unit in 2000 but this plan was put on hold due to adverse economic conditions.
BP Amoco Polymers, Inc., Naperville, IL; (877) 701-2726;
Foseco was put up for sale after BP Amoco acquired UK rival Burma Castrol in July last year for pounds 3 billion.
Five engineering firms have been awarded a contract by Alaska's three oil and gas producers -- BP Amoco PLC, ExxonMobil and Phillips Petrolium -- to study a multibillion-dollar, 2,900-kilometer (1,798 mile) natural gas pipeline running from Alberta to Chicago.
The British oil giant BP Amoco has announced that in accordance with a decision approved at its AGM on April 19, it is to drop the second part of its name and will in future be known simply as BP.
OIL giant BP Amoco will face drivers' fury today when it reports a pounds 1million-per-hour profit days after raising its petrol prices.
said Thursday it has agreed with a Malaysian subsidiary of the BP Amoco PLC-led oil group on long-term purchases of acetic acid, which is used in polyester fibers.
The British petroleum giant BP Amoco has unveiled an alliance with the American investment fund First Reserve to "stimulate the development of new technologies in the energy sector.
BP Amoco, Exxon Mobil, and Royal/Dutch Shell have all drawn up plans for chains of gas stations.
In addition, Amoco (now part of BP Amoco) was to have a 700 MCF/day gas treatment plant, a 100 km pipeline and other facilities built.
Environmental Protection Agency finalized an agreement with BP Amoco last month to resolve Clean Air Act violations at eight refineries owned by BP Amoco and Arco (recently acquired by BP).
Strong gains in oil and telecoms stocks helped lift the FTSE 100, along with a healthy debut for newly merged Glaxo SmithKline, which is now ranked as the second largest company in the index, behind Vodafone and ahead of BP Amoco.