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1. On drawings, abbr. for blueprint.
2. On drawings, abbr. for baseplate.
3. On drawings, abbr. for bearing pile.
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baseband processor

A chip in a smartphone or tablet that handles the cellular transmission. The baseband processor converts the data to a signal that can be used to modulate the carrier frequency for transmission and vice versa. That signal is handed off to the RF processor, which may also be part of the baseband chip. See baseband, Passive Wi-Fi and C-RAN.

Baseband Processor in a Tablet
The baseband circuitry in a 3G/4G tablet comprises about 5% of the total components. Without it, there would be no cellular connectivity.
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Shashi Mukundan, BP Plc's country head and regional director states that they have acquired a number of approvals indicating that things have already fallen into place.
BP Plc took a $5 billion hit in its second quarter results on Tuesday, equal to more than three months of typical profits.
subsidiary of BP plc, the Tokyo-based firm said in a press release, adding
Summary: UK oil giant BP PLC is expected to start its deep water drilling operations in Libya by October at the latest, Libya's top oil official said Monday.
BP Plc on Tuesday suspended work on a relief well aiming to bore into its blown-out Gulf of Mexico oil well because of bad weather, a spokesman said.
BP plc reported on Tuesday a heavy group loss of $17.15 billion for the second quarter of this year due primarily to a massive oil spill caused by the explosion of an oil drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico in April.
KUWAIT: BP Plc has asked Kuwait's sovereign wealth fund to raise its share in the company to three percent, the Al-Anbaa newspaper reported on Monday.
BP Plc appointed Robert Dudley as its chief executive officer but posts $17 billion loss in the second quarter and plans to sell $30 billion of assets.
Six weeks after the catastrophe began, oil giant BP PLC is trying to find at least a temporary fix to the spewing well underneath the Gulf that's fouling beaches, wildlife and marshland.
The company, a subsidiary of BP Plc, accounts for 55% of hydrocarbons production and contributes 25% of annual national revenue here.
BP plc, the oil giant, has effectively gone without catastrophic insurance for many years, electing to insure against small risks whose claims are highly likely to be paid and use its equity base--billions of dollars--as a cushion against cataclysmic events.
MANAGEMENT system failures were to blame for the Texas City oil refinery blast that killed 15 employees and injured more than 170, plant owner BP plc said in its final report yesterday.