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AmberPoint's initial list of supported process managers includes Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle WebLogic Integration, Microsoft BizTalk Server and TIBCO BusinessWorks.
In related news, AmberPoint also announced today that it has extended its management software to include process engines, including Oracle BPEL Process Manager (see "AmberPoint Brings Comprehensive Application Management to Business Process Managers") and strong sales growth (see "AmberPoint Announces Sales Growth of More than 40 Percent in the First Half of Its Year").
WSO2 recognizes that, from a developer perspective, BPEL is a powerful, expressive language, which is naturally suited to implement services that (a) intrinsically compose other services, (b) may be long running, and (c) could have thousands of simultaneous realizations for different users.
In particular, the BPEL standard separates assignment of data to activities from the invocation of those activities.
0 with Oracle E-Business Suite 12, which uses Oracle BPEL Process Manager.
Customers have long recognized the value of business process management for SOAs, but the cost and complexity of integrating BPEL engines has kept many from doing so," said Dr.
We add, on average, approximately 12,000 new BPEL processes every day.
XAware's composite data services improve the productivity of ESBs, BPEL engines, application server stacks and embedded applications.
BPEL processes can also be transformed into BPMN, allowing the developer to document existing processes for analysts.
org family of web sites devoted to supporting communities around open standards; other sites are devoted to BPEL, DITA, ebXML, IDtrust, OpenDocument, and UDDI.
BPEL (Business Process Execution Language), the de-facto standard language used to define processes through the composition of Web services, doesn't support dynamic changes.
Due to these innovations, the BPEL technology simplifies the integration of various applications and business processes.