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By describing the inbound and outbound process interfaces in WSDL, BPEL enables them to be easily integrated into other processes or applications.
As a leader in adopting industry standards such as BPEL, TIBCO BusinessWorks will further help customers advance their service-oriented and event-driven architectures for enabling enterprise-wide growth," said Ram Menon, executive vice president, worldwide marketing.
ActiveBPEL is also the embedded, best-in-class BPEL solution for many leading software providers who look to Active Endpoints for competitive advantages when including BPEL in their own products.
HandySoft has augmented BizFlow's functionality to support BPEL (Business Process Execution Language), a standard, XML-based orchestration language designed to orchestrate processes across computing environments and share data across organizations through the use of Web Services.
Although BPEL Process Manager will run on any J2EE-compliant application server, Oracle's pricing model is clearly designed to push customers towards its own software: BPEL Process Manager costs $10,000 with Application Server 10g, $30,000 by itself.
Recently the WSCI group at the W3C extended an invitation to members of the BPEL camp at OASIS to attend the WSCI meetings to talk about a compromise, even if they chose not to join the group.
Sutor also argued that observers who suggested BPEL should have been submitted to the W3C instead of OASIS, are missing the point.
For example, it provides deep visibility into BPEL process flows in Oracle BPEL Process Manager, including individual process flows and a wide variety of interactions -- such as those with databases, files, manual workflows, JMS, EJB, email and Web services.
WSO2 recognizes that, from a developer perspective, BPEL is a powerful, expressive language, which is naturally suited to implement services that (a) intrinsically compose other services, (b) may be long running, and (c) could have thousands of simultaneous realizations for different users.
In the session, Glen Hawkins, Director of Product Management at ClearApp, will illustrate how QuickVision automatically generates a top-down relationship topology of BPEL workflows, web services and ESBs across heterogeneous middleware platforms.
0 with Oracle E-Business Suite 12, which uses Oracle BPEL Process Manager.