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In addition to the visual elements in BPI's rebuttal, the company creates several vivid mental pictures through language.
ABC tried to get a judge to move the suit to federal court by arguing that two BPI affiliates were not "real parties in interest in the case." If the judge had dismissed the two affiliates, which are both based in Delaware, it would have created a diversity of states, since BPI and ABC are incorporated in Nebraska and Delaware, respectively.
The agreement was signed by Dr R Seetharaman, Group chief executive officer of Doha Bank and Raul D Dimayuga, senior vice-president of BPI Philippines.
BPI is the third largest private bank in Philippines.
Dr Seetharaman said, "The tie-up with BPI will provide an opportunity to extend our services to the Filipino community in Qatar, UAE and Kuwait, by meeting their banking and remittance requirements.
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is the third largest private bank in The Philippines, and has more than 750 branches in its network, with the ability to transfer funds quickly and serve customers efficiently.
The BPI ranges 0-10 and Taiwan this year rated 7.5 to rank the 19th among the 28 polled economies.
In addition, BPI is modernizing the product's New Jersey facility and bolstering human resources to improve customer service and logistics.
Bank of China is said to be more interested in BPI's strong presence in Africa.
The purchase of BPI is Eli's fourth acquisition this year.
Those responsible for the electronic newsletters will remain in BPI's Silver Spring offices.