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Because change happens at the process level, and the system -- using BPML -- makes the appropriate adjustments without manual coding keystrokes, delays are greatly reduced.
BPML provides such a technical enabler, yet today's organizations are growing and transforming so quickly that they do not understand their core business infrastructure.
Moreover, the engine uses the powerful, native jBPM Process Definition Language (JPDL), which was designed from the ground up with the ability to support any standard or specification that exists today or may emerge, including BPEL, BPELJ, BPML, BPSS, ebXML, WSCI and XPDL.
The development of BPMN, based on BPML semantics, is an extension of that relationship and collaboration.
Gentran Integration Suite supports not only traditional EDI, but also the latest technology and message types such as BPML, XML, EDIINT (AS1, AS2), RosettaNet, and ebXML.