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As many as 63 infant had died at BRD hospital within a week in August, 2017.
The BRD hospital is the biggest medical facility in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh state, which is among India's poorest regions with the country's worst child mortality rates, Kumar said.
BRD, the only development finance bank in Rwanda, was established to finance Rwanda's economic development objectives.
The inclusion criteria considered as "high risk group for BRD" to those groups where at least 10% of the calves showed poor body condition score, eye and/or nasal discharge, and cough at the start of the study.
Diagnosis of bacterial BRD was based on patient history, lung auscultation, physical examination and haemato-biochemical and nasal swab analysis.
The PA11 is derived from a bio-renewable source, castor oil, which fits with BRD's mission and focus on environmental sustainability.
This proposed combination represents a unique opportunity to merge BRD Commercial with the second largest bank in Rwanda and accelerate Atlas Mara's strategy in both Rwanda and the East Africa Community, more broadly.
BRD, in which French bank Societe Generale (EPA:GLE) holds a majority stake, posted a net profit of RON500.6m for 2010.
The causative agent of BRD in the Manila clam was shown to be Vibrio tapetis, a species of Vibrio that is capable of growth at low temperatures and high salinity (Paillard & Maes 1995a, Paillard & Maes 1995b).
BRD-Societe Generale (BRD.RO), Romania's second largest bank, has reported a 28 percent drop in net profit to RON474.2m (USD155.1m) in the first nine months to September 30, 2010, as against a net profit of RON660.2m in the first nine months of 2009, Dow Jones has reported, citing news agency Mediafax.
This antimicrobial, manufactured by Bayer HealthCare Animal Health Division, is proven highly effective against the major bacteria associated with bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and is approved specifically for treatment of BRD in beef cattle.