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While Bre and Pixie follow the technological lead of their parents, a few of the student participants serve as the technological leaders over their parents.
Similarly, Bre IMs on a regular basis, yet in the context of school she describes herself as "not a computer person." Edgar passionately searches for sports information during class, yet calls herself "clueless" about computers.
Other publishers ignore the question of whether or not BREs boost response and base the decision on whether or not the BRE tips the mailing into a heavier weight category.
Including a BRE adds perhaps five percent to the in-the-mail costs of the typical newsletter package.
If they are appointed, they will represent a majority of BRE's board.
Through the equity placement, BRE Properties aims to raise funds to cover general corporate needs.
'Higher capital base will strengthen our position on the market,' BRE chief executive Mariusz Grendowicz said, adding that the capital strengthening should be enough for the coming years.
ANY OTHER BREED (NON-ACC) - Andrew Leek, Greenhill Farmhouse, Lonmay, with a Dalchirla-bred Blackhouse gimmer, by Boris.
In a recent exchange on the Newsletter & Electronic Publishers' marketing listserv, a marketing manager reported, "We accidentally included BREs in part of a renewal series by mistake and were surprised by how many were returned with payments."
And Me and My Monkey was the winner of the baby beef heifer, of any breed, up to 400 kgs, born on or after 1.12.02.
Since then, efforts to breed and release captive-bred ferrets into the wild have been going well.