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In addition, a letter of authorization to your BRH must be provided.
Indebtedness issued at a holding level is guaranteed on a senior unsecured level by operating companies BRH and CLIBA (which jointly account for approximately 75% of the group's consolidated operating results).
Track Moderator: Peck Boswell: BRH Garver Construction
Major tournament sponsors are: Magnum Tunneling, BorTunCo, HOBAS Pipe USA, Jacobs Engineering, BRH Garver, American Commercial, LAN, and TT Technologies.
Major tournament sponsors are: Magnum Tunneling, BorTunCo, HO-BAS Pipe USA, Jacobs Engineering, BRH Garret, American Commercial.
Also at the June meeting, the GCTA awarded $9,000 in college scholarships to the following recipients: John Hewitt, son of John Hewitt, LAN; Charles Elliott, son of Tami Elliott, BRH Garver; Sasoon Hovsepian, child of Hamlet Hovsepian, City of Houston; Lindsey Serres, daughter of Shelley Serres, LAN; Kyla Edmonds, daughter of Sidney Edmonds, TCB; Christina Sheu, daughter of Kathlie Jeng-Bulloch, City of Houston; Lana Donath, daughter of Robert Donath, PM Construction; Kathryn Ripley, daughter of Donald Ripley, TC8; and Claudia Hernandez, daughter of Jesus Hernandez, BRH Garver.
Quinque leverages the high performance, low power consumption, and rich feature set of the Intel(R) XScale(TM) microarchitecture in a universal CompactPCI platform that maintains full software compatibility with ADI Engineering's BRH evaluation platform.
General contractor was BRH Garver Construction, Houston.
25 in cash per OP unit, except in respect of approximately 70% of the OP units for which elections were made to receive partnership interests in BRH.
Other board members include: Tim Naylor, Insituform Technologies; Mike Garver, BRH Garver; Hani Tohme, City of Beaumont; Traci Read, Underground Construction; Grady Bell, Laney Directional Drilling; Madhu Kalambi, Claunch & Miller; and Brent Keller, PM Construction.
BRH Comania Cervajeria Brahma CTC Compania de Telecomunicaciones de Chile S.