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1. A weight measure for portland cement in the US, corresponding to 376 pounds net; this measure is now obsolete.
2. (US) A vessel which holds 311/2 gal of liquid.
3. That portion of a pipe having a constant bore and wall thickness.
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BRL researchers have focused on transmission control and vector biology of human diseases (particularly malaria and schistosomiasis), parasite immunology (with a focus on HIV and tuberculosis), and public health (technology, health systems, and policy).
Among the proposed candidates for membership in the BRL consortium are global information distributors, software developers, national standard setters and international accounting firms, each of which could help formulate a sound BRL.
It is important that we implement a system that can provide flexible options for the physician and our staff, with the ability to manage routing of orders and results with minimal ongoing maintenance," states Jason Newmark, Director of Diagnostic Services for BRL.
Bushahab said BRL will organise weekly workshops for grocery store owners at the Smart Lounge in Dubai Economy to inform them of the new standards applicable across store interiors as well as exteriors.
Felicitas, BRL & Yankuang JV total resource (unbeneficiated) increased to - 147.
Constellation Wines Europe, formed when Constellation Brands bought BRL Hardy, has completed senior management appointments for its UK division Constellation Wines UK.
Constellation Brands has confirmed it is in talks with Australian wine giant BRL Hardy regarding a merger or acquisition.
but also a marketer of beer and spirits, has formed a joint venture in the United States with BRL Hardy, Ltd.
Magnesita reports record year-to-date operating cash flow of 461 million BRL and profits of 24.
The financial institution offered 678,7 million BRL ($212.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 6, 2017-Britvic Closes BRL 218m Acquisition of Brazilian Drinks Firm Bela Ischia
Omar Bushahab, CEO of the BRL sector in DED, commented, "MyHUBBER being an Emirati initiative, we are particularly pleased to introduce this application to offer consumers a one-stop shop for their daily needs.