bovine spongiform encephalopathy

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bovine spongiform encephalopathy:

see prionprion
, abnormal form of a protein found in mammals, now generally believed to cause a group of diseases known as prion diseases or transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, which are rare progressive degenerative neurological disorders.
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(163) In evidence to the BSE Inquiry, the CMO explained that there were a number of reasons for this recommendation.
Between March 1996 and the end of 1999, the BSE Inquiry reports that more than 3.3 million cattle were prematurely slaughtered (Phillips et al., 2000a: p.
His evidence to the UK government's BSE Inquiry was supported by the Conservative MP, Thessa Gorman.
A video showing Zoe's torment was made public last week as the BSE inquiry blamed the crisis on blunders by Tory ex-ministers and civil servants.
A harrowing video of her fight for life was shown to Prime Minister Tony Blair and the BSE inquiry team.
And a leading city butcher says he's confident British beef is safe to eat and public confidence had been restored after the findings of the BSE inquiry by Lord Phillips were published yesterday.
In December 1997, the sale of beef-on-the-bone was banned in the UK and a BSE inquiry set up to look into the reasons behind the crisis that had led to a Europe-wide ban on British beef exports.
The decision to publish an action plan follows recommendations made in the report of the BSE inquiry published in October 2000.
A video of her ordeal, filmed by her aunt, was seen by the Prime Minister and the chairman of the BSE inquiry.
An alternative explanation proposed in the recent Report of the BSE Inquiry (6) is that a pathogenic mutation occurred in cattle in the 1970s.
He said: 'The recent BSE inquiry set out clearly the risks that British consumers faced 10 years ago.
At least two former Ministers face accusations in the Commons that they misled the BSE inquiry.