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35) The branch monastery of Man lung pa's Bran ka family at sTag tshal in Myang smad, formerly held by the lineage of Lo ston rDo rje dbang phyug, (36) was known as Man lung, (37) owing to the greatness of the grandson, bSod nams dpal.
On his return to Lhasa, 'Khon ston Rinpoche continued tanric studies at Sera under Dpal 'byor Bsod nams lhun grub.
20) In fact, the 3rd Ta la'i bla ma bSod nams rgya mtsho was born at Yab mda' (Khang gsar gong gzhis ka, later the site of a shrine known as Khang gsar dmar po), and according to local informants there was a shrine room (gZim chung) dedicated to his memory on the upper storey of the former temple, but Ra tshag is nowhere mentioned in his biographies.
A Note on the Third Dalai Lama bSod nams rgya mtsho and his Visionary Thang ka od lHa mo'i bla mtsho.
Bla ma dam pa Bsod nams rgyal mtshan, Rgyud kyi rgyal po dpal kye rdo rje'i rgya cher 'grel pa nyi ma'i 'od zer; Delhi 1980.
This will come a long way in sorting out BSOD issues that Windows 10 preview users publish on blogs and social network.
More importantly, it was from a place that I will now go back to the next time I get the BSOD.
Homage To Vajradhara, Homage to Nairatma, Homage to Mabasiddhas: Virupa, Nagpopa, Damarupa, Avadbutipa Homage to Translators: Gayadhara, Brog mi Shakya Ye shes (dies 1074) Se ston Kun rig (1030-1118) Sa chen Kun dga' snying po (1092-1158) Bsod nares rtse mo (1141-1182) Grags pa rgyal mtshan (1147-1216) Sakya Pandita ( 1182-1251) Chos rgyal 'Phags pa (1235-1280) Zhang kun mchog dpal (born 1250) Na bza' brag p hug pa bsod nares dpal (1277-1350) Bla ma daam pa bsod nares rgyal mtshan dpal bzang po (1312-1375) Sbakya Ye shes (1354-1435)
Now it will be beneficial and auspicious for whomever you chant it" (gna' de Itar plum de bsod do// da su la gyer ha la phan de bsod do//); Pa-tshab Pa-sangs Dbang-'dus and Glang-ru Nor-bu Tshe-ring.
Abbreviated to BSOD, it represents a system error that can appear on Windows PCs right the way back to Windows 3.
His search led him to DDI, which owned proprietary rights on bSOD, the first free-radical fighting enzyme to go on the market.