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butt joint

welded butt joint
butt joint formed by two boards
1. A plain, square joint between two members, where the contact surfaces are cut at right angles to the faces of the pieces; the two pieces are fitted squarely against each other rather than lapped; Also see oblique butt joint.


The country code for Botswana.
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To determine whether V[O.sub.2] differed significantly across the three test runs, linear mixed model regression analyses were used, comparing V[O.sub.2] across all four velocities and three levels of BWS (40%, 20% and regular treadmill).
Rating of Perceived Exertion (6-20 scale) and Heart Rate (HR) increased with velocity and was higher with less BWS. RPE ranged from 7.33 (SD = 1.03) at 60% body weight and 8 minute x [mile.sup.-1] to 16.83 (SD = 1.47) on the regular treadmill at 5 minute x [mile.sup.-1] pace.
There was also a main effect of BWS, F(df=2) = 220.02, p < 0.001, showing that V[O.sub.2] decreased with each increase in BWS.
Our data agrees with previous descriptions of "normal" patterns of muscle activation during walking with 0 percent BWS [9-10].
[8], increasing BWS decreased muscular demand of the lower limbs during the walking trials, thereby decreasing the intensity of the task.
In this study, the nonsignificant change in BF activity may have been a result of large between-subject variability at the highest level of BWS, possibly because of subjects resisting the vertical support from the ZeroG training system in an attempt to maintain "normal" gait kinematics.
In spite of all these efforts, BWs were captured in pheromone traps for the first time in Paraguay in 1991, in the district of Saltos del Guayra (Gomez et al., 1996).
In June 1994, BWs were captured in San Ignacio de Loyola (Argentina), on the border with Paraguay, near cotton fields.
Richards o Bwllpeirian, dyma holi pam fod y bws mor ddefnyddiol iddi hi, ``Does 'na ddim ffwdan ynglyn a pharcio ac mae'r bws yn fy nghodi a ngostwng i reit tu allan i'r ty.'' Ac wrth i ni agosau at Bontarfynach mae tair arall yn sefyll ger Swyddfa'r Post yn barod am drip i'r dre'.
UCHOD: Bws y Pout yn mynd trwy'r bwa hynafol ger Pontarfynach; UCHOD: Donald Davies wrth ymyl y bws; mwynhau paned a sgwrs efo Blod Griffiths yn Ysgubor Fach; Donald a theithwyr Bws y Post, isod, Donald yn mwynhau joc gyda chwsmer ger Cwmystwyth; teithwyr Bws y Post yn cyrraedd swyddfa ddidoli Aberystwyth; n
BWS as part of the Dubai World global conglomerate delivers enormous value with their range of cost effective solutions.
What are the strengths BWS brings to the marine insurance sector in the Middle East?