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butt joint

welded butt joint
butt joint formed by two boards
1. A plain, square joint between two members, where the contact surfaces are cut at right angles to the faces of the pieces; the two pieces are fitted squarely against each other rather than lapped; Also see oblique butt joint.


The country code for Botswana.
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Wi-LAN's BWS 3000 series enables Wi-Comm to offer service providers the best price-to-performance wireless access solutions.
Currently, the BWS 3500 system is the only OFDM-based wireless wide area network products commercially available and certified for use in China.
At TMA2001, attendees will see our commercially available BWS 3500 system, which can be ordered today," said Dr.
The BWS 3500 is another example of Wi-LAN's expertise with OFDM technology and the flexibility of the system architecture.
19) began point-to-multipoint demonstrations of the new Wi-LAN BWS Series 2000 broadband wireless access system operating in the 2.
AMCI and BWS have already combined efforts in the development of an antenna solution that AMCI will be using exclusively in its tracking of rail cars and containers within the United States.