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Ashes of Hama uncovers the major aspects of the Islamist struggle: from the Brotherhood's radicalisation and its "jihad" against the Ba'athist regime and subsequent exile, to a spectacular comeback at the forefront of the Syrian revolution in 2011--a remarkable turnaround for an Islamist movement which all analysts had pronounced dead amid the ruins of Hama in 1982.
Bashar is not simply a Ba'athist thug," argues Ammar Abdulhamid, a Syrian author who has lived in the Washington, D.
Opposition to Bashar al-Assad's failed regime means real dedication to democracy and pluralism; the Syrian exile dissident community must work towards the goal of presenting workable alternatives to Ba'athist rule, not repackaged tired old ideas," said Ghadry.
He remains commander of the Popular Army, the Ba'athist militia, but is now considered to be a secondary figure.
Army and Ba'ath Party soon after taking office, then partly reversed that move a year later, in April 2004, when he reinstated former Ba'athist officers relatively untainted by the old regime.
Satar's employee Jalil had spent two years in a Ba'athist prison for selling tapes of subversive sermons.
Why, then, is it acceptable to have a Communist, but not a Ba'athist, sitting on Iraq's Governing Council?
At a truck stop near the "Sunni Triangle," the area west of Baghdad populated by foreign and Ba'athist guerilla fighters, we picked up an Iraqi doctor whose car had broken down.
Looting merged with violent expressions of hatred for Saddam's Ba'athist regime.
The senator was referring not to Ba'athist hard-liners but to the insidious congressional opponents o AmeriCorps.
As of press time, it's clear that it's a new day in Iraq, one in which Saddam and his Ba'athist party will play no role.