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Historically, even under the Baathist regime, there was never a distinct Shiite political grouping and different Shiites engaged differently with the regime.
The deal that the Russians could have delivered in 2012 would have ditched Bashar al-Assad but left the Baathist regime in place, while compelling it to broaden its base, dilute Alawite influence, and stop torturing and murdering its opponents.
At the same time, Sunnis need to move beyond pining for the glory days of Hussein and his brutal Baathist regime -- a regime that set Iraq on a path of destruction.
The Baathists were Arab nationalists and, by inclination, secular.
The military and economic aid to the Baathist regime from Russia and Iran cannot be described as otherwise.
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki surprised both Baathists and his political partners by calling for a constitutional freeze and the prohibition of the Baath Party under the Iraqi constitution, the pan-Arab daily ASHARQ AL AWSAT said on Thursday.
"I would rather elect the devil than a Baathist," said factory owner Ahmed Hanoon, 40, whose older brother was killed by Saddam s government during a Shi ite uprising.
Panel attorney Abdel-Rihman Sabri said 535 candidates were initially flagged for having Baathist ties, but 67 were cleared after an investigation indicated their names were only similar to those of Baath party members.Aa
The Iraqi government said it suspected that Baathists, whose political party Saddam once led, were behind the broadcasts.
SyriaAEs Baathist socialist, central-planning models has failed a nation that was once the trade entrepot of the Islamic world.
Iraq holds responsible for the attacks the members of the Baathist alliance.
Summary: Iraq on Tuesday ordered its ambassador to Syria to return home and demanded that Damascus hand over two senior Baathist leaders suspected in ordering last week's truck bombings in the Iraqi capital.