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Zaharias, Babe Didrikson:

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(Mildred Didrikson) , 1913–56, American athlete, generally considered the greatest woman athlete of modern times, b. Port Arthur, Tex. At an early age Babe Didrikson excelled in basketball, baseball, and track.
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The story that follows, for instance, is a classic from the pages of Child Life, focusing on the history and life of famous woman athlete Babe Didrikson Zaharias, who lived and competed in the early to middle years of the 20th century.
No woman has made a PGA Tour cut since Babe Didrikson Zaharias in 1945.
Anthony, Amelia Earhart, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nellie Bly, Babe Didrikson Zaharias and Elizabeth Blackwell.
In 1974 she formed her own production company and produced "Babe," a bio of Olympic athlete Babe Didrikson Zaharias, which won a Golden Globe fbr best TV movie.
Caption: This is what a 21-year-old Texas kid named Babe Didrikson looked like while she was winning six of eight events at the 1932 Olympic Trials.
In 1934, Babe Didrikson, famous for having won two gold and one silver medal in the 1932 Olympics, was hired as a promotional gimmick to pitch in some Major League exhibition games.
Babe Didrikson, an outstanding golfer and an Olympic gold medalist in the javelin and hurdles, was tenth on the ESPN list and the highest ranked woman.
She also discusses the friction amongst teammates that resulted from Babe Didrikson's braggadocio and grandstandings, and the rule bending that allowed Babe to participate in numerous AAU events rather than the ordained limit of three.
With the birth of the 20th century, Annie Taylor survived a barrel trip over Niagara Falls, Annie Oakley was easily out-shooting every man with a gun, Gertrude Ederle swam the English Channel, Margaret Abbott won an Olympic gold medal in golf, and the incomparable Babe Didrikson was a champion in many sports.
Recognized for his kindness, he collected comrades, knew the stars of the day, from Ty Cobb to Babe Didrikson, and produced a steady flow of upbeat columns and poetry.