Boris Petrovich Babkin

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Babkin, Boris Petrovich


Born 1877, in Kursk; died May 3, 1950. Russian physiologist; student of I. P. Pavlov.

Babkin graduated from the Military Medical Academy in 1901 and defended his doctoral dissertation in 1904. He was sent out of the country and worked in the laboratories of E. Fischer and E. Hering and at the biological station in Naples. In 1912 he became adjunct professor of the Novoaleksandrovsk Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, and in 1915, a professor at Novorossiisk University in Odessa. From 1922 to 1924 he worked at the University of London, and from 1924 he worked in Canada. His main works were on the physiology of digestion (the mechanism of secretion of the pancreas and gastric juices and the activity of the mucous glands).


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Vneshniaia sekretsiia pishchevaritel’nykh zhelez, 2nd ed. Moscow-Leningrad, 1927.
Sekretornyi mekhanizm pishchevaritel’nykh zhelez- Leningrad, 1960. (Translated from English.)


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