Babloev, Suren

Babloev, Suren Isaakovich


Born Oct. 10, 1918, in the settlement of Manglisi, Georgian SSR. Soviet choral conductor. People’s Artist of the USSR (1978). Member of the CPSU since 1944.

In 1941, Babloev graduated from the military department (renamed the department of military conducting in 1947) of the Moscow Conservatory, where he studied with N. S. Golovanov, Iu. M. Timofeev, and A. P. Chugunov. He has conducted various military bands and song and dance ensembles. In 1963 he was appointed the head and artistic director of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Moscow Military District; he became responsible for choosing the ensemble’s programs for its concerts. Under Babloev’s leadership, the ensemble has concertized in many countries, including Japan, France, Great Britain, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Babloev has been awarded three orders and various medals.