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In contrast, oral traditions hold that Bac Bo was the nucleus of an indigenously developed Vietnamese civilisation with powerful kingdoms ruling over vast populations before the arrival of the Chinese (Taylor 1983: 3-23; Tessitore 1989: 36).
These objects imply the presence of ranked and complex polities with large populations living in the highly productive agricultural areas of the Bac Bo region (Wheatley 1983; Tessitore 1989; Miksic 2000; Stark 2006).
However, the investigations at Co Loa, compared with the currently available evidence of written sources and archaeology, do indicate that a local and indigenous state-like polity had emerged in the Bac Bo region during the Dongson period and prior to Han colonisation.
The 2000 Vinh Bac Bo Pact includes only a vaguely worded clause stipulating that "when gas is confirmed, the two sides will explore it together.