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But before winning such a prestigious fellowship, Baca had to broker his transition back into dance.
According to historian Leon Metz, Baca drank too much, talked too much, had a weakness for "wild" women, was often arrogant, and showed no compunction about killing people.
It's wrong to throw this appellation at a duly-elected captain of a neighborhood watch, but 130-some years ago, it pretty well fit Elfego Baca.
Cabeza de Baca was selected for the 2014 Marie Walsh Sharpe Free Studio Program, which awards free studio space in Brooklyn to visual artists.
It is still debated whether Elfego Baca was first appointed deputy sheriff of Socorro County, New Mexico, or whether he purchased a badge and Colt single-action .
In court, Delijani said he told Baca about the dispute between him and Nassir during a meeting at which the Iranian immigrant was receiving an award.
While Birnbaum resigned under administration pressure following the spill and its aftermath, Baca remains.
Tensions were high during the debate, and after the board voted to search for alternate funding, Baca tried to continue discussing the issue, telling the supervisors: "Wait a minute, folks.
and Mary (Ofcarcak) Baca and has lived in Douglas most of his life.
Alli aguanto 2 dias intercambiando balazos con 80 angloamericanos, hasta que el zipizape llego a oidos de Frank Rose, sheriff de Socorro, quien salvo la vida de Baca a condicion de someterlo a juicio.
After nearly two years as press secretary for New Mexico Governor Bruce King, Baca took on his first bureaucratic basket case in 1979, cleaning up New Mexico's scandal-ridden Alcoholic Beverage Control Department.
Prior to joining Cartifact, Baca was President of Colliers International in Houston, Texas (2001 - 2009).